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Photo gallery: Dorm life

The fun doesn’t stop after curfew. At East Fairchild, cherubs unwind with snacks, foosball and instructor group competitions.

Songs of the summer

During their four-week journalism journey, cherubs never stopped believin’ in the power of music. After a long day of reporting and writing, clicking “play” could be the sweetest thing.

East Fairchild: A place to call home

East Fairchild, the journalism cherubs dorm, is steps away from Medill’s Fisk Hall and McCormick Foundations Center. It’s the center of students’ nocturnal social life.

Lessons from the laundry room

Shea Edwards, Brandon Kopp and Aubrey Warmke discuss the challenges of doing laundry in the basement of Communications Residential College.

CAAs take cherubs beyond Fisk Hall

The three CAAs Juliet Allan, Nicole Markus and Cole Reynolds share their favorite on-campus memories that took place outside of the dorms and Fisk Hall.

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