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La vie en Cherubs

I’ve finished these four weeks knowing how to talk to strangers – and make everlasting friends.

Food from home(ish)

When hunger and heat exhaustion kick in, there’s nothing like sharing food from home. Well… close enough.

988 miles and 26 days

The first night I struggled with homesickness, but friends and numbers helped me feel closer to home.

Danger zone

A disaster reporter inspired me to become a journalist on the first night of cherubs.

Bucket list

There are plenty of things for cherubs to do on campus and around Evanston. Which ones should every cherub try? Here are 10 suggestions.

Squashing imposter syndrome

Coming to Cherubs without school paper experience, I was convinced I wouldn’t fit in. Focusing on the work and collaborating with other people helped me find my footing.

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