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When the stars hit the sand: Visiting the beach after hours

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A group of cherubs watch the sunset on Northwestern’s beach after evening lectures. Photo by Junseo Lee

As the clock in Fisk 217 slowly ticks to 9 p.m., cherubs hang off the edge of their seats. When Program Director Roger Boye dismisses the students, they zip their bags and rush out the exit doors to grab towels, speakers and the coveted beach volleyball.

Dozens of cherubs spend each evening at the Clark Street Beach playing volleyball, swimming or taking pictures on top of the lifeguard stand.

During volleyball games, the cherubs sometimes split into an East vs. West Coast showdown. With their hometown pride on the line, team members bump, set and spike with no mercy.

“It’s a spot where everyone goes, and everyone’s talking and playing,” said Dov Elul of New York City. “It’s a great way to make new friends and have a good laugh.”

Beyond volleyball, the cherubs try to catch every photo opp. Ishaan Tipirneni of Lexington, Massachusetts, said he tries to be the first person atop the lifeguard stand so he can get the perfect view of the sunset.

To get a break from the crowds at the beach, the Lakefill serves as a great alternative.

“It’s a serene place to go after a long day,” said Sabrina Thaler of Reisterstown, Maryland, who hung out with her friends there. “Last night, I went with a big group, and we listened to music, sat on the rocks, and took pictures. Being together and savoring the environment here is really special.”

As the clock quickly approaches the 10 p.m. curfew, the cherubs dash back to East Fairchild as fast as they came.

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