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Waiting for washers: Laundry 101

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Laundry machines in East Fairchild. Photo by Christina Lin

Laundry day can be quite the battle during the Cherubs program. The trick is to go during the weekdays. However, if you find yourself doing laundry on the weekend, here are some tips to get you through.

The laundry room is on the ground floor of East Fairchild. Photo by Olivia Cyrus

1. The sharing shelf is a communal space full of various laundry day essentials such as detergents, laundry sanitizers, and dryer sheets. Feel free to take what you need, and donate some supplies to keep the shelf full.

The sharing shelf is a great place to pick up any laundry essentials you might have forgotten to buy. Photo by Christina Lin

2. Bring a laundry basket to make transferring your clothes easier.

Isadora Blatt moves her clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. Photo by Christina Lin

3. Make sure you put the right amount of detergent in your load.

Anna Feng puts in liquid detergent. Photo by Olivia Cyrus

4. Washing and drying your laundry often takes several hours, and machines are limited. So, make sure you set a timer so that your fellow cherubs have a chance to wash their clothes and don’t have to set yours on top of a machine.

Anamika Anand is reminding you to set a timer. Photo by Christina Lin

5. Don’t be afraid to stake out a machine and wait.

Neeva Patel watches Lauren Halak as she takes her clothes out of a washing machine. Photo by Christina Lin

6. Take your laundry out before someone else does.

Piles of clothes on top of the machines are often seen on the weekends. Photo by Christina Lin

7. For many cherubs, this is their first time having to live and operate on their own. Be a good friend and offer to help others learn the washing and drying process.

Halak helps Cecilia Luce put in her laundry. Photo by Christina Lin

8. Don’t underestimate the power of a dryer sheet.

Aubrey Warmke uses a dryer sheet to move a stray bee from Feng’s pants. Photo by Olivia Cyrus

9. Wash your Medill sweatshirt, but make sure not to shrink it in the dryer. You only get one “Best summer of your life,” so treat it with care.

Dalton Hanna carefully sets her sweatshirt on the ground to turn it inside out. Photo by Christina Lin
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