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Diving into fun at the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion

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Angelica Pardo, left, and Clementine Zei jump off diving boards at the Henry Crown Sports Pavillon. Photo by Desiree Luo

Instead of stressing over landing interviews, the cherubs escaped into the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion halfway through the program for Fun Night. Along with tennis, basketball and volleyball, the Olympic-size swimming pool was a highlight of the evening.

Celeste Eckstein of Edina, Minnesota, spent most of her time in the water, diving off the 3-meter springboards and bonding with her new friends.

“When you’re standing at the end, it can be kind of scary,” she said. “It was fun to watch everyone cheer each other on.”

Like Eckstein, Dov Elul of New York City rated the pool “the most fun,” but also played volleyball, tennis and basketball.

“Who doesn’t like jumping from a high position into a body of water?” Elul said.

Even cherubs who stayed on the sidelines got into the spirit. Ashley Dong of Orinda, California, helped capture the night in photos, snapping shots of young journalists swimming, diving and “doing really terrible flips,” she said.

“The pool was huge, and it was just really impressive to be in that space,” Dong said.

Over on the half-dozen purple tennis courts, the three community academic associates picked up racquets and participated in Fun Night, too.

“I did play against the cherubs. That was the best part honestly,” CAA Cole Reynolds said. “They gave me a little bit of a workout. I needed it.”

Even program director Roger Boye shot some hoops in a game of HORSE (like Simon Says with a basketball).

Although Fun Night was optional, most cherubs attended because it was a welcome break after two weeks of journalism, lectures and assignments.

“It came at the right time,” Reynolds said.

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