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A late dash to the door: Ordering food after hours

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Cherubs Anamika Anand, left, Angelica Pardo and community and academic associate Nicole Markus cut pizza Markus ordered through a delivery service for floor one. Photo by Audrey Park

After a long day of assignments and lectures, some cherubs use delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats to fulfill their late-night cravings.

“I am always so hungry late at night, maybe because I eat dinner really early, but I am perpetually hungry here,” Julia Kim of Columbia, Missouri, said. “I can always eat more food, and DoorDash is the perfect solution.”

Alice Tao of Ontario, Canada, a pescatarian, said she orders food to add variety beyond the dining hall options.

“Evanston offers many diverse options, so I like to take advantage of it,” she said “And DoorDash is the easiest way to try it.”

Past 10 p.m. on the weekdays, cherubs are not allowed to leave the dorm building, and, by 11 p.m., they must stay on their floors. However, they can still order food if a community and academic associate is willing to go to the front door and grab it. 

“I had to go downstairs to pick up a lot of people’s food, but nowhere near as much as I expected,” said Nicole Markus, one of the three CAAs. “I am an avid DoorDash user myself, so I understand.”

For Sami Gitlin of Miami, ordering food is a fun way to bond with her friends. 

“Sometimes me and my friends will order food and watch movies together,” Giltin said. “I really enjoy it.”

By ordering in, Kim and Gitlin say they can eat their favorite foods and try new ones from the comfort of the common rooms.

“A lot of times you cannot leave the dorm because of the time,” Kim said. “DoorDash is just convenient for when I’m hungry.”

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