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Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute

June 23 to July 19, 2024, Northwestern University Campus in Evanston, IL

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Cherubs is more than a journalism camp.

From high schools around the world, we came to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. We immersed ourselves in media for four weeks in the summer of 2023. We studied writing, reporting and editing for print, digital and broadcast. We took pictures, edited videos, and created websites and podcasts. We made lifelong friends. As our instructors said, “Welcome to the best summer of your life.” Explore this website for a tour of the journalism wonderland known as “Medill Cherubs.”

Photojournalism: What to expect

Cherubs offers a great opportunity to expand your photojournalism skills. Fear not if you have never touched a camera. Cherubs will guide you through the

Photo gallery: Dorm life

The fun doesn’t stop after curfew. At East Fairchild, cherubs unwind with snacks, foosball and instructor group competitions.

Photo gallery: Chicago

Cherubs visited Chicago three times to go on a boat tour, visit media outlets and explore city landmarks. Below are photos of cherubs in Chicago.

Photo gallery: Fourth of July parade

On the Fourth of July, cherubs spent the day taking photos and writing stories about Evanston’s annual Independence Day parade. Below are photos taken by cherubs while reporting on the holiday.

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