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Photojournalism: What to expect

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Cherubs Celeste Eckstein and Fiona Zhou, holding cameras, eat ice cream at Kilwin’s Evanston. Photo by Ashley Dong

Cherubs offers a great opportunity to expand your photojournalism skills. Fear not if you have never touched a camera.

Cherubs will guide you through the who, what, when, where, why, and how of photojournalism early in the program, followed by a “cherub life” photo assignment.

You will learn from each others’ work, and the best photos you take will be presented to everyone in a “photo review.”

If you don’t have a professional camera, the Cherubs program has your back. You can check out cameras anytime and let your creativity run free.

My favorite photo experience was the Fourth of July parade. I photographed Uncle Sam, the Fun Run and portraits of people watching the parade from their front yards.

You’ll learn that every great article has a great photo. You will take photos of your own, and learn first-hand the power of photojournalism.

Cherubs took photos during the program, from the Fourth of July to campus life. Below is a selection of their work:


Photo gallery: Fourth of July parade

Photo gallery: Dorm life

Photo gallery: Chicago

Photo gallery: Campus and downtown life

Nature photo gallery



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