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“Medill.”: Cherubs sport exclusive clothing line

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Cherubs wear their matching "Medill." sweatshirts. Photo by Karina Aronson

My most prized possession is a gray sweatshirt. It’s not just any gray sweatshirt – it’s the “Medill.” sweatshirt.

After seeing photos of it before the program, my heart was set on finding my own. I made my first friends while rummaging the university bookstore’s inventory and scouring the Northwestern Campus Gear store. Alas, we returned to the dorm with no sweatshirts and heavy hearts.

The next day, Professor Roger Boye solemnly took the stage with an announcement. My stomach growled, and I was itching for lunch. Then, he revealed a gray sweatshirt. My eyes sparkled in the dim lecture hall: the cherubs exclusive clothing line gleamed in his hands.

My fellow cherubs and I sprinted to the flagship store – Professor Boye’s office. I sported it for the rest of the day as if it were a limited edition designer item.

Since then, my “Medill.” sweatshirt has heard lectures from Pulitzer-winning journalists, basked in the Lakefill sun and endured a late-night ice cream run in a thunderstorm.

The 30-year history of “Medill.” merchandise trumps my fleeting four weeks. What once was purple typewriter font has now become Times New Roman. To me, it represents the passionate cherub community that spans generations. Seeing our accomplished speakers don their thank-you-gift sweatshirts and reflect fondly on their cherub days fills me with pride.

I don’t know where my path will lead me and my “Medill.” sweatshirt. But, I know that, even though the cherub program is over, my journey doesn’t end at the period.

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