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Sip, savor, socialize: Best coffee shops in Evanston

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Cupitol, one of the many cafes in Evanston. Photo by Saira Ahmed

Lauren Kee of Hong Kong walked towards Newport Coffee House for her weekly instructor meeting with Joe Grimm. Last week, she went to Colectivo Coffee, one of Grimm’s many “secret locations.”

“It’s a great way to try out new cafes and explore the Evanston area,” Kee said.

Coffee shops are not only an aspect of academics at the Medill cherubs program, they’ve become places for adventure for many cherubs. During breaks, students try new drinks and baked goods from the more than a dozen coffee shops around campus.

Annabel Chia of Belmont, California, said she enjoys visiting Newport Coffee House for their matcha latte because of its smooth texture and taste.

“It’s the best matcha I’ve had around Evanston,” she said. “That might be a bold statement, but it’s really good.”

Newport has also turned into a study spot for Chia because of what she described as a calm environment and studious energy.

Lucy McWeeny of Williamstown, Massachusetts, said she loves Newport’s baked goods. But for coffee, McWeeny turns to Peet’s Coffee, a quiet spot located on Chicago Avenue. She regularly orders an iced latte with oat milk and chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

“I’m a big fan of chocolate chips, and I’m a big fan of pumpkin bread,” McWeeny said. “I’m glad Peet’s put them together.”

Lexi Newsom of Leawood, Kansas, said she encourages people to explore the city and try local coffee shops.

“Try different ones and find what you like,” Newsom said. “There’s something for everyone here.”

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