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Let’s go to the beach, beach

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Cherubs relax on the beach after a long day of story writing. Photo by Neeva Patel

Just steps away from Fisk Hall, where cherubs are often scrambling to finish articles, Clark Street Beach can completely transform someone’s mood, Junseo Lee of Seoul, South Korea, said.

The beach is usually scattered with sailboats, umbrellas and towels, and students splash through the crashing waves.

“When you go there you’re in a completely different setting with sand beneath your feet and water in your ears,” Lee said. “All of the academics and deadlines seem really far away.”

Sylvia Zeltzer of Hoboken, New Jersey, usually plays volleyball at the beach with a couple dozen other people since the water is too cold to swim in, she said.

“I would say to pack a volleyball, but that is kind of impractical, so cherubs should get one at Target right when they arrive to campus,” Zeltzer said.

Lindsey Steel of Los Altos, California, said a quick jump in the lake can boost one’s energy before writing an article, especially when paired with music.

“My friend Isadora Blatt of La Jolla, California, actually brings her speaker and blasts music,” Steel said. “It’s really fun because it brings a crowd of people together.”

Becoming a cherub has allowed Ben Shapiro of Paoli, Pennsylvania, to experience the quintessential beach life, something he said was new to him.

“We don’t have any beaches in my state, so I love the fact that I was able to lay out on the sand, go in the water and play beach volleyball with some of my closest friends,” Shapiro said.

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