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Hitting the ground running

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Uma Rajan runs next to Lakefill. Photo by Karina Aronson

When Carlo Vellandi of Orange County, California, went on his tour of Northwestern, he knew more places on campus than his own tour guide. It was thanks to his morning runs at the Medill cherub program.

“With running, you just end up exploring where you would otherwise never go,” Vellandi said. 

Because cherubs don’t have access to Northwestern’s gyms, many turn to running — either before morning classes or before dinner — as a way to get exercise. But running holds many benefits beyond just a good workout. 

“I’d definitely recommend going on a run because it’s an easy way to meet someone new,” Uma Rajan of Haworth, New Jersey, said. “Also, it’s fun to explore the area because you’re only in Evanston for four weeks, so you might as well try to see all of it.”

The most popular route is an asphalt path that runs parallel to Lake Michigan. It goes for about a mile in either direction and provides tranquil lakeside views.

“I think the best part is the view,” Rajan said. “I come from a small town in New Jersey where nothing else is really going on, so being alongside the lake…is nice to see.”

Running can be an enjoyable reset in a cherub’s busy schedule. Clara Martinez of London, England, runs on her own, listening to music and taking a moment to herself.

 “I’ve had a lot of fun running here,” Martinez said. “I’ve found it to be a very peaceful way to start my day.”

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