Lindsey Fine
Jupiter, Florida


War Cry

Favorite Cherub Quote

“Are you sure you want me doing this? You said to beware of sexy people." — Roger Boye

Favorite Cherub Moment

A lunch picnic outside of the music center with my closest friends.

Advice for Cherubs Class of 2020

While everything you do here is important, don’t get over competitive. Help your friends, floormates and any of your fellow cherubs. You may not get to know them all really well, but just weighing in on what a random girl on your floor should wear just builds your connections and strengthens this network of amazing people. Remember this program is ultimately about making life long friends you can always call in the middle of the night in three years. Finally, don’t worry THAT much about getting sleep, you can sleep once you get home but you can’t hang out with your cherub friends once you leave.