Joseph Ramos
Arlington, Virginia


The Yorktown Sentry, Newspective

Favorite Cherub Quote

"You will probably be nervous. You will probably be scared. Welcome to most of your life." — Carlin McCarthy

Favorite Cherub Moment

My favorite moment was the Cherub Junior Junior Olympics. Amid instructor group chants, passive aggressive competition and Professor Boye being accidentally hit by a water ballon, the Olympics was a main bonding experience between the cherubs. At the event’s end, with the sunset turning the sky cotton candy pink, we sang “Hey, Jude” by The Beatles as my roommate, Jude, competed in the last competition.

Advice for Cherubs Class of 2020

Coffee. I did not drink it before the program, but it became a life source when staying up until 6 a.m. with many of my floor mates to work on our trend stories.