The interview struggle is real

Morgan Tinsley interviewed Sparky, the Fourth of July Parade mascot, in a “strange” interview in which he was tired and sweaty from high-fiving parade goers.

After struggling to find people for the interviewing assignment, Isabella Werneck of Rio de Janeiro thought she could find sources in the farmers market. But her search was interrupted when an administrator of the market said that cherubs were not allowed to interview customers.

“We weren’t forcing anyone to respond to the questions, so that was kind of weird,” Werneck said. “Thankfully, I was able to find some other sources. I wish I could have stayed more because I think I would have found more diverse sources, so it interrupted my process in that way.”

Werneck said that although she had trouble at the farmers market, she was still able to find sources and the assignment helped her learn how to approach people.

“Search for people that look approachable,” Werneck said. “Don’t ever go up to someone that is walking, working on something or is very concentrated on their work. Look for people that are just hanging out with friends or on their phones. Always approach with a smile and give them all the control possible.”

While getting quotes at the Fourth of July parade, Abby Murphy had a difficult time getting knowledgeable sources, though she eventually found some.

“Don’t be afraid to just walk up to random people,” said Murphy of Arlington, Virginia. “Nothing bad will happen. You probably will never see them again, and you’ll probably end up getting good quotes. Also, write things down, but remember to look them in the eye.”

Murphy wasn’t the only one who had a rough experience at the parade. Grace Roeshot of Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, approached a woman at the parade. Before Roeshot could say anything, the woman shook a finger at her, letting Roeshot know that she wasn’t interested in being interviewed.

“It kind of put me off to a bad start because that was my first attempt, but it went up from there,” Roeshot said. “Right after it, I got a lady who gave really nice quotes. Gotta have some setbacks at some point, but the second interview made me more optimistic for the day.”