Instant support with instructor groups

Joe Grimm’s instructor group posed before competing in the Junior Junior Olympics. Photo by Rachel Schonberger

“Which instructor got kicked out of his chemistry exam for screaming?” community associate Emma Edmund asked during instructor jeopardy.

“Oh my god, that is so Joe,” many of our group members said in near unison. It turned out to be true.

“Here is your Joe Grimm sticker,” Sophie Boyce said. It showed a picture of Joe with both his hands up, smiling, as always.

On the first day of cherubs, every student is assigned an instructor group that ranges from eight to 12 students. The instructor to whom you are assigned gives feedback on all assignments ranging from the All Day Story to the trend story.

Cherubs develop strong relationships with their instructors through their weekly Saturday meeting. Most importantly, the instructor groups provide a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Groups become family and push you to be your best during competitions like the Junior Junior Olympics and Cheraoke.

“We had a lot of fun during the Junior Junior Olympics,” said Jenna Anderson. “We took an awesome picture when we were all holding up Jeffrey and made some really cool chants that went with our team. It is really nice to have a close-knit group.”

Cherubs found comfort and support in their instructor groups while reporting the intense trend story.

“When I met my instructor group during the fire drill, I thought it was going to be bad, but just last night we ended up going out to get Andy’s together,” said Natalie Wu. “Although these people aren’t the ones I am always with, I know I can always go to them when I need.”