Giving in to your crazy side can yield great memories

On the left, my cherubs headshot, taken pre-dye. On the right, a selfie post-hair dye. Left photo by staff, right photo by Adam Levine

I’ve always liked my natural, ginger hair color, but when I saw a video of YouTube star Emma Chamberlain dyeing her blonde locks brown in June 2018, I told myself that one day I would turn my hair dark brown, too. The perfect opportunity arose when I found out my high school’s fall musical would be “The Addams Family.” I told myself that if I was one of the Addams, I would finally dye my hair. Fall came around, and I was cast as Lucas, Wednesday’s love interest. I’m glad I didn’t dye my hair then. My cherubs experience would have been completely different.

Like Lucas, I don’t consider myself to be the most impulsive, but when Ava Seccuro told me she was dying her hair pink, I knew I had to throw caution to the wind and color my hair with her.

Ava, Annie Rubinson, Camila Trimberger, Julia Robbins, Gabrielle Khoriaty and I perused the hair section of Target, trying to find the perfect color and formula. When we realized Target came up short, we crossed the street to look at CVS. Thankfully, it offered a much greater selection of hair dye. I envisioned my hue: dark brown with a slight red tint. Fortunately, Clairol makes a semi-permanent dye in medium bronze brown that comes out in 28 washes, and it was only $12 — a bargain.

The next night, the salon experience commenced. We ignored the box’s recommendation to perform an allergy test on my skin 48 hours in advance as well as the fear that my mother would be furious with me, I excitedly ran back to East Fairchild after a quick late-night trip to Target. After a quick shower, I sat down in front of Rubinson, founder of Annie’s Ratchet Hair Salon, and became her first of two clients of the summer.

After 80 minutes of hair dye application and setting, a slight tingling/burning sensation and an awkward check-in encounter with Mary Lou, Joe and other cherubs, I was finally able to wash the product out and see the results.

The results were spectacular. In direct light, my hair was redder than ever, but out of the light, it was the dark brown I had dreamed of. Earning many selfies and features on my Instagram story, my hair turned out better than I could have ever imagined, and all it took was a little bit of craziness and some equally as impulsive cherubs to push me to do it.