Cherubs hunt for bargains in Evanston

Martha Lewand prefers Andy’s Frozen Custard but enjoys Burger King milkshakes as a cheaper option. Photo by Abby Murphy

Evanston is filled with a variety of stores, in all different categories and with a range of price points, but some rise above the rest to become favorite spots and bargains.

Andy’s Frozen Custard is the ice cream place of choice for many cherubs, including Martha Lewand, resident chocoholic from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Andy’s offers shakes, malts, concretes, sundaes and more, and is a popular spot for cherubs when hitting the town after the night’s final lecture.

“I don’t have an Andy’s back home,” Lewand said. “The first time I tried it, I was amazed by how good it was. The chocolate custard is very rich, creamy and thick, and the toppings are also really good. I think ice cream that good is worth the price.”

Cherubs can save a few bucks by instead getting ice cream from the nearby Burger King. The burger joint offers pie, cinnamon buns and ice cream, each under $4.

“When you walk into a Burger King, and you have an 82-cent deal for ice cream, you think, ‘OK, I’ll probably get a little dollop,’ but what they give you is a substantial amount of delicious, soft-serve ice cream,” said Annie Rubinson, a Burger King enthusiast and cherub from Irvington, New York.

In addition to ice cream, Burger King offers other deals that keep cherubs coming back.

“I saw 20 nuggets for three bucks, which is a phenomenal deal, so I just had to get it,” said Ike Bryant of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Clothing stores are also dotted around the city, and Jordan Murray of View Park, California, spent some of her weekends shopping with Morgan Tinsley of Los Gatos, California.

Urban Outfitters clothing stores can be found all over the country, including in Evanston. Although items in the store are on the pricier side, Murray said she believes “the quality is there.”

“They had some really good sales,” Murray said. “And this one is really good—nice selection.”

Crossroads Trading, a secondhand clothing store, lets cherubs search for interesting pieces to make creative outfits on a budget, according to Tinsley.

“It feels more rewarding to shop at a thrift store than at Urban Outfitters because it’s harder to find things in your size,” Tinsley said. “Crossroads to me means not only saving money but also not buying into fast fashion.”