Bean there, done that, what’s next?

Cherubs take pictures at Cloud Gate. Photo by Lily Dozier

Eighty-three cherubs shuffled onto the L–Chicago’s elevated train system–and headed into the city for a field trip. After visiting news outlets throughout Chicago, the students visited Millennium Park and the “Bean,” one of Chicago’s biggest tourist attractions.

At this point, you’ve finished your media field trip, you’ve seen the oddly underwhelming Bean, you’ve gotten your pictures, but now what? You’re in the third largest city in the United States, yet for some reason it seems like there’s nothing to do.

Just when you’re about to give up, you remember the river tour you took on the last field trip, and with that, you’ve got your first destination: the Chicago Riverwalk. Located roughly half a mile from the Bean, a 10-minute walk, the Riverwalk offers plenty of places to sit down and eat. While the options are relatively expensive, the views of the river easily make up for it. Whether you’re willing to dish out some moola or not, the Riverwalk is a must-see where you can stroll and enjoy the views or catch a bite to eat.

“During the tour, my friends and I saw the cutest little restaurant lining the river,” said Daniela Lubezki of Santa Monica, California. “So, later on, we made sure to go back there, and it was definitely worth it because you get to sit and watch all the activity happening on the river. There’s people kayaking, tour boats with people waving and just so much going on.”

For many cherubs, shopping is a top priority. Chicago certainly provides a multitude of options. One of the closest shopping malls is Block 37, which offers a variety of stores, such as Anthropologie, Zara and Banana Republic.

The Magnificent Mile is another top destination for shopping. However, this option requires a bit of walking and some time. For some cherubs, shopping in Chicago gave them the chance to go to stores they don’t have at home.

“My friends and I went to Nordstrom’s because it was so hot and we couldn’t stand being outside anymore,” said Isabella Wernick of Rio de Janeiro. “We wanted to check out the Brandy Melville section because I don’t have Brandy Melville at home and it is my favorite store.”

J.J. Post poses in front of Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Photo by Lily Dozier

Just beyond the rows of shops and tall buildings lies the last destination for cherubs to check out, the Crown Fountain. The fountain is just two minutes south of the Bean and is one of the more interesting tourist attractions in Chicago. This destination is perfect for people watching and cooling off. With plenty of restaurants surrounding the fountain, cherubs can grab some food to-go and eat at one of the nearby benches or tables.

“It was really nice being near the mist on a hot day because we were able to cool down,” said Alexandria Perry of Johns Creek, Georgia. “But the most interesting thing in the park was the concert that was being held by this band called ‘After School Matters’ and they were just good singers, so it was really interesting to watch.”

Here are some of cherubs’ other top choices of places to go:

• Millennium Park’s Lurie Garden: Sit, relax and put your feet in the flowing water of this peaceful garden.

• Broken English Taco Pub: For cheap eats and good tacos.

• Nutella Café: If you’re looking for something sweet.

• Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta — if you haven’t tried the classic deep-dish pizza, do it while in Chicago.

• Garrett Popcorn: Cheesy popcorn and caramel popcorn mixed in the same bag.