Essential apps for campus life

From recording interviews to fulfilling late-night cravings, cherubs downloaded a variety of free apps to improve life on campus. 


  1.  Otter Voice Meeting Notes

This app records voices and transcribes in real time. Although it isn’t 100% accurate, it can be a lifesaver after a 30-minute interview with a good source. 

“Because it transcribes the bones of your interview, you don’t have to go back and transcribe the entire interview by hand.” – Lindsey Fine of Jupiter, Florida.

  1. Rev Call Recorder

To avoid recording phone interviews on speaker phone, many cherubs used Rev Call Recorder. With the tap of a couple buttons, the app tapes phone interviews by adding a recorder into the call. This app came in especially handy when doing phone interviews on the train. Just remember to ask the source for permission to record in advance.


  1. GroupMe

Cherubs stay in the loop through GroupMe, a versatile communication app compatible with Androids, iPhones and international numbers. CAs sent last- minute announcements, and Cherubs sent 2 a.m. shenanigans and requests for sources into the program-wide chat.  

“I don’t think I’ve laughed harder than when the boys started spamming the GroupMe at 1 a.m. with random messages that made no sense. My one comment about Mattea got so many likes.” — Avani Kalra of Chicago

  1. Twitter

Twitter is the app of choice for most journalists. Cherubs used Twitter to reach out to sources, talk about life, follow breaking news and learn what instructors had to say about their experience. 

“I found all my main sources on Twitter for my trend story. The best part of Twitter is that you can use tweets to complement your story because they are public.” – Alexandra Hederstorm of Vienna, Virginia

  1. GamePigeon on iMessage 

Cherubs challenged each other to Cup Pong, Word Hunt, 8 Ball and Anagrams through the iMessage app Game Pigeon, which offers 24 common games that can be played over the convenience of texts. Contacting loved ones was important, too. For many, winning that game of virtual mini golf took precedent. 


  1. Doordash, Uber Eats or Postmates

Apps like Doordash save the day when it’s past check-in or when cherubs want to spice things up. For a bit extra, these apps will deliver anything from Taco Bell to Insomnia, right to the CRC door. 

“I get a lot of Chinese food. I’m addicted to Chinese.” – Jae Won Moon of Seoul, South Korea

  1. The Weather Channel

Weather in Evanston can be a little bit crazy. It isn’t uncommon to have a rain storm in the morning followed by a heat advisory in the afternoon. Although the Weather app can be inaccurate at times, it’s better than nothing. 

  1. Google Maps and the Northwestern app

When cherubs were lost after the Fourth of July parade or couldn’t figure out how to get to Andy’s, Google Maps saved the day. The five seconds it took to enter an address saved plenty of cherubs invaluable amounts of time. 

The Northwestern app is also another viable option that serves many purposes. The app includes maps of Northwestern and Evanston, campus news, emergency updates and more.