Deal me some memories

Jude Herwitz and Clara Koritz Hawkes play a game of Spit in McCormick. Photo by Julia Robbins

Spit brought us together.

Spit is not just the fluid that chemically breaks down food in mouths — it is also a beloved game among veteran card players and newbies alike.

With about a week left in the program, an old, water-damaged, blue Bicycle deck of cards helped me bond with people I hadn’t yet gotten to know well.

It started when I texted Sophie Boyce out of the blue: “what old ppl card games do you know how to play.” That’s how I first whipped out my cards into the hustle and bustle of East Fairchild.

My Spit locations have varied. I’ve played in Fisk and on the first and third floors of the dorm. My love of games was quickly revved back up through people who yelled with — at — each other once the games intensified.

I played about 15 games of Spit during the last few days of the program, mostly with first floor girls and also with Didi Jin of the second floor. As a proud resident of the third floor, I had not spent a lot of time with first floor people for much of my time here. It was nice that cards could bring me closer with people whom I did not know well. So not only have I become marginally better as a Spit player, but I have also become closer with people through our shared competitiveness and love of trash-talking in British accents.

I’d also like to point out that I was clearly a phenomenal tutor, because I taught Sophie how to play Spit, and she can now beat me. Whether that’s a good thing is up for debate, but as always, we take pride in learning from each other.

So anytime you see me shuffling a deck of cards, come on over and ask me if I want to play Spit, because you know my answer will not only be “Yes,” but “Hello, new friend.”