Cherubs uniform: What to wear when it’s all up to you

“What should I wear?”

The question rarely enters my mind. At my all-girls Catholic school, I wear uniforms — and I like them. They make getting ready in the morning so easy. On any given school day, I simply choose a color: pink, blue, yellow or green.

When I’ve shown cherubs my uniforms, I’ve gotten everything from “oh, no; oh, Honey,” to “oh, my gosh, are you a Mormon?” But nonetheless, when it came time to pack for the program I felt uncomfortable with my fashion freedom.

Below is a picture of me in both my uniform and in my typical cherub attire.

With no clear clothing guidelines in the cherubs packing list, I scoured the website, Instagram and Twitter for clues. Should I wear shorts and a T-shirt, or dress to impress? Would I die of a heat stroke wearing jeans, or would I freeze in a tank top?

The truth is, the best thing to wear to cherubs is what makes you happy. Some days you’ll need a nicer outfit for special field trips to, say, a TV studio or newspaper. On others, you’ll need athletic clothes, such as for Junior Junior Olympics or sports night. My advice: Wear what you like.

For some people that may mean wearing the iconic “Medill.” sweatshirt or, in my case, it means having your mom send you your Easter egg-esque uniforms to wear with your friends at Cherub Prom. As long as you wear what makes you feel most like yourself, you’ll have exactly what you need.

My friends, Anna Sophia Lotman, Niulan Wright, Dani Lubezki, Allie Worchell and Lucy Barnum wear their normal cherub clothing and try on my uniforms in the picture below.