How to get the ultimate Instagram photo at The Bean

Solo shot

When at Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean, you must get at least one picture of you and the sculpture to prove you were there, as Roshan Fernandez did. The Chicago skyline, coupled with the iconic Bean, makes for the ideal Instagram post. Photo by Jenny Li


The Bean is a huge mirrored sculpture. To capture the true essence, a picture must be strategically snapped to include friends as well as the shiny surface. Pictured left to right are Maddie Aitken, Rachel Carlson and Sophia DeLuca. Photo by Rachel Carlson


Although it is hard to tell from the background that it is indeed The Bean, this photo is meant to capture more of the moment. Pictured left to right are Aidan Duffy, Sarah Meadow, Anya Tullman and Lily Grossinger. Photo by Sarah Meadow

Big group

Another essential photo is with a big group in front of The Bean. To commemorate the media outlets field trip, a photo with friends is perfect. Photo by Alexandra Dangas


We are at journalism camp, after all, so photojournalism is essential. The underside of The Bean lends itself to abstract yet intriguing photos. Photo by Liv Jenks

Bean from distance

Of course, we should always have main characters in our photos, and the Bean is photogenic enough to be one. A great way to capture lovely Cloud Gate is to step back and put the sculpture in the center. Pictured left to right are Jessica Langer and Andrew Rowan. Photo by Drew Schott