Journalism reflections

Male smiling and sitting on a bench

Cherubs reflect on their experiences in different languages

Students from China, Qatar, Vietnam and South Korea brought new perspectives and languages to cherubs. Read their comments in English while listening to them in their first languages.

Medill cherub interviews a source.

Pleasant surprises from street interviews

Turning street interviews with strangers into in-depth conversations, I learned more about myself and the world.

Girl takes notes in an auditorium.

Breaking the perfectionism habit

How quick deadlines helped me take baby steps to stop obsessing over every last hyphen.

Boy sits at a Northwestern News Network broadcast desk.

From black ink to broadcast

Going into cherubs, I had never been in front of a camera. Now, after broadcast labs and clubs, I’m more than confident enough to be on screen.

Student works in Fisk Hall, talking on the phone to her source and taking notes.

27 minutes and 57 seconds: How a half-hour conversation taught me to report

Initially apprehensive to tackle difficult interviews, I felt my questions burdened sources. The Medill cherub program taught me that interviewing strangers isn’t a waste of their time.

Personal insight

Girl sits on a window ledge on the train.

The accidental journalist

How my overcrowded high school made me into a reporter during an era when classmates believe people who assail journalists as enemies of the people.

Hand holding out a reporter's notebook and handheld recorder in front of a Fourth of July street parade

How a multicultural panel led to self-acceptance

Coming to terms with who you are doesn’t mean you need to know everything, and that’s OK.

Blonde girl takes a photo of the Chicago skyline from a boat.

From the cornfields to the concrete jungle

A small-town resident still finds a sense of community in Evanston.

A group of teens sit on rocks painted with messages in front of a lake.

To all the single ladies

How being in a single room became a blessing in disguise and led to a wider circle of friends.

A nametag and a yellow bandanna tied around a female's wrist

The magic of the yellow bandana

How I gained my final ‘Wizard of Oz’ virtue as a cherub

A group of 10 male cherubs sit in their dorm lounge and socialize late at night.

Dusk to dawn on Floor 3

I was afraid that I wouldn’t meet anyone who shared my interests. By staying up late into the night, I met the best friends I could’ve asked for.

Students walk on the beach just after sunset

Finding friends at a lifeguard chair

After the 20th game of Never-Have-I-Ever, we were ready for more something new, so we headed to the beach for a change of scenery and found our beloved lifeguard chair.

A student stands in front of a building and a field.

A whole new world

Being one of the few international students, my time in Evanston was one of a kind. Being exposed to an entirely new country, with new people was one of the best experiences of my life.

Two girls smile at the camera.

One cherub, two cherubs, red cherubs, blue cherubs

Journalism is all about seeing different sides and portraying them accurately. This is how the Medill cherub program has made that ideal a reality for me.

A group of friends pose for a photo at sunrise.

Bitten by The Bug

How a bug bite lead to friendships.

Boy poses off to the right of two cookie cakes.

How I celebrated my birthday at cherubs

“I worried about my first birthday away from home,” Sameer Shaikh says. He proceeds to explain how his birthday experience at cherubs turned out to be the most memorable of them all.

Students dance together.

‘The best of both worlds’: Singing Hannah Montana songs brought me closer with other cherubs

In an impromptu Disney singalong, I found “my people.”

Boy illuminated only by the light of his computer screen.

Chicago from a New Yorker’s perspective

How my time in the Big Apple has impacted my view of the Windy City.

Students pile on the couch together in the first floor commons.

Not stuck with the same 200 kids

I spent 13 years going to school with the same 200 kids from kindergarten to senior year, but finding new, similar people at the Medill cherubs program transformed my summer.

Players dressed in red play tug of war.

From skeptical to convinced: Why cherubs lived up to my expectations

How I changed my perspective on the instructors’ saying, “welcome to the best summer of your life.”

Seven students pose for a photo at night on the beach.

How bursting a bubble created lifelong friends

I was finally able to see people for who they were outside of my Asian-American bubble and made the best of friends because of it.

Two girls in white and blue take picture outside Fisk Hall.

Finding my soul sister at the Medill cherub program

Meeting a girl from across the country at the Medill cherub program who would become a best friend for life.

Two girls laugh as they eat pizza on dorm room bed.

Two worlds, one room: cherubs brought unlikely friends together

My roommate was unexpected, but I can’t envision the Institute without Kirsten, the girl from the other side of the world.

A girl types in the computer.

How to be a leader in the newsroom without the title

March of my junior year did not go how I imagined. My high school journalism teacher named my good friend editor-in-chief of our small high school newsmagazine. I would remain web editor.