Living in Evanston

Female holds money in front of her face

Money moves

In “Money Moves,” Maddie Aitken, Sophia DeLuca and Rachel Carlson interview cherubs about their experiences with money during their five weeks at Medill. With total independence, cherubs are forced to balance spending and saving.

A barista pours hot water from a coffee machine into a white mug.

Where to find your caffeine fix

Here’s a cherub-researched guide to the best coffee places in Evanston to transcribe interviews, watch people or meet up with friends, all while sipping a cup of joe.

The storefront of a breakfast restaurant with a white sign that says Clarke's.

Evanston food fight: A guide to all-day eats

Lucky for cherubs, there are lots of options to fit everyone’s budget.

A cherub gets her drink from Starbucks.

Best interviewing spots: Where and when to nab sources

Approaching strangers for interviews can be daunting, especially for cherubs unfamiliar with Evanston. These spots are full of fascinating opinions, friendly faces and killer quotes.

A girl in a black dress carries a camera as she walks through campus.

Cherubs trade in car keys for sneakers

Cherubs are forbidden from traveling in moving vehicles. However, this restriction encourages them to explore Evanston in search of interview subjects.

Four females smiling and sharing ramen

Cherubs fill up on food and friendship at communal meals

Cherubs venture to downtown Evanston in large groups, meeting new friends, learning about each other and forming program-long friendships.

Books line the shelves of the store called Bookends and Beginnings

Book it: A guide to Evanston’s best bookstores

Cherubs fulfilled their literary desires with the best bookstores and libraries in Evanston.

A girl eats rolled ice cream.

Is Andy’s really the best?

Fifty-nine cherubs voted on their favorite places to get a frozen dessert in Evanston. It turns out that there are quite a few options.

Going to Chicago

Two girls pose next to the boat railing.

Cherubs tour Chicago by land and lake

During a visit to Chicago, cherubs took an architectural boat tour and spoke with the former managing editor of the Chicago Tribune.

A group of students standing behind a broadcast desk

Experiencing professional journalism in action

While visiting four different Chicago media outlets, cherubs left with a understanding of what it’s like working in a real newsroom. After the visit cherubs reflected on the tours, discovering new interests and career aspirations.

Cherub Carlos Stinson-Maas kisses The Bean in Millennium Park. Photo by Rachel Carlson

Cherub-approved guide to Millennium Park

After tours of various news outlets, cherubs enjoyed an afternoon of food, photos and famous sites in downtown Chicago’s Millennium Park. Here are their favorites.

Roshan Fernandez stands in front of The Bean in Chicago.

How to get the ultimate Instagram photo at The Bean

When cherubs go to Millennium Park, it is essential to take a picture for the ‘Gram.

Crowds stand up at Wrigley Field during a baseball game.

Take me out from the ballgame

While in Chicago, spending an afternoon at Wrigley Field is a must. But as classic as baseball is, the event can get a little long. Here’s a list of activities to do at Wrigley Field, besides watch the game.

Female sleeps while sitting on the train

How to take the W on the L

Cherubs had a variety of unusual experiences on L train to and from Chicago and offer advice for others.