Discovering Northwestern

All 84 cherubs and instructors gather for a group photo.

Around the world in 84 days

Are you having post-cherub sadness and missing your fellow nerdy journalists? Well, here is a map that can take you around the world to visit all 84 cherubs in 84 days!
Two girls laugh together while looking down at small orange plants.

Most photogenic spots on campus

A guide to finding the most Instagram-worthy locations on campus to capture great cherub life photos.
Group of college kids give a lecture about social media.

Historic building holds its own

An unassuming building is the best home for journalism.

A girl runs at a park.

Survival of the fittest: Students exercise on campus

Finding 10 sources is a higher priority than running 10 miles. For students with the will, Northwestern has a way to exercise.

Residential life

A playlist: Cherubs sing songs of the summer

Cherubs celebrated summer with singing and music from this sample playlist.

View from above of many students eating food and looking at their phones

Living at Northwestern

Quan Pham of Hanoi, Vietnam, and Avery Maslowsky of Berwyn, Pennsylvania, describe dorm life at East Fairchild through interviews. The four floors bring people together in different ways with each area attracting various activities and groups of cherubs.

Two students sit on the bed in their dorm room.

Roommates reflect on relationships

Cherubs may have their own bedroom at home. At Northwestern, they learn to share space with roommates.

A girl in blue and white, with arms open wide, is filmed by another girl for a music video.

Cherubs compete to produce creative videos in dorm

Cherubs used their newfound skills to write, shoot and edit music videos in an attempt to best the videos of other dorm floors.

A boy plays the guitar while his friends sing along.

High School Musical: We did it that way

Spontaneous late-night jam sessions and sing-a-longs show students what they have in common.

A green backpack

Cherubs packing list

With a 36-degree range in temperature, limited outlets in dorm rooms and hand dryers (no paper towels) in the bathroom, 2018 Cherubs were surprised at how many items they shipped from Amazon Prime in the first week of the program. Here is a definitive packing list.

A cellphone is held up in front of three washing machines. The phone screen has the LaundryView app open, which shows two dryers in use and the other machines free.

5 apps every cherub needs to survive the summer

Here are five apps cherubs rely on with reviews and ratings.

Community associates stand on balcony overlooking Lake Michigan.

Community associates: A dream job come true

How the CAs relive the summer of a lifetime.