What to bring: a cherub’s guide to packing

Should I bring one dress? Two? Jeans? A jacket? Here’s a cherub-approved list of all the necessities for summer.

Bring one. Carrying and dropping books, notebooks and pencils isn’t fun. For field trips, pack a smaller bag.





Computer: The Medill welcome packet says not to bring a laptop. Don’t listen.





Cell phone: It’s important for recording interviews, taking photos and Facetiming friends and family.




Water bottle:
Bring a refillable one. Enough said.





Laundry bag: Good luck carrying all of your dirty clothes down the stairs without one.





Shower caddy: It helps you keep track of all your toiletries. Yay!





Notebook: You write a lot at a journalism program. Consider purchasing a large notebook for notes and a smaller one for reporting.




Laundry is difficult without it. There are no vending machines with little boxes of soap, and you don’t want to be the person with the smelly room. (Get Tide Pods. They’re easier to use.)




Snacks: Being hungry late at night is frustrating because you can’t get food deliveries by yourself after 10 p.m. (weekdays) or 11 p.m. (weekends). Your community associates (CAs) might not feel like picking up pizza for you, so have granola bars as a backup plan.



Other cherub-approved items to bring:

Pens and pencils: Writing is basically your life now, so you need them.

Comfortable shoes: Say goodbye to moving vehicles and hello to walking everywhere. Tennis shoes are a must.

Headphones: Without them, transcribing is pretty rough.

Hangers: The closets don’t come with them.

Shower shoes: The bathroom floors are gross. You don’t want to go in there barefoot.

Sunglasses: Always have to look fresh. You’ll also be outside a lot for field trips and assignments, so they’ll come in handy.

Rain coat: It will rain while you’re here. One cherub referred to Evanston and Chicago as “tropical,” so be prepared.

Bathing suit: Swimming while wearing normal clothes is uncomfortable.

Utensils: Eating Easy Mac (there are microwaves on every floor) is tough without a fork.

All photos taken by Callaway Palk.