Program awards nearly $75,000 in aid, scholarships

About 20 cherubs shared nearly $75,000 in financial aid and scholarships in 2017.

Prospective cherubs who apply for financial aid are considered for financial aid as well as for one of the six named scholarships, said program director Roger Boye. Eight cherubs received named scholarships this year.

Scholarship donors specify criteria. For example, the Joan Beck Scholarship supports a student from either Illinois or Iowa, while the Diane Granat Yalowitz Memorial Fund Scholarship usually goes to a cherub from Illinois, New Jersey, New York or the Washington, D.C., area.  

Eryn McCallum of Chicago, this year’s recipient of the Joan Beck Scholarship, received half of her tuition from financial aid paid by Northwestern University and the other half from the scholarship. She said she felt relieved to free her parents from the burden of paying full tuition.

“It just took a huge weight off of our shoulders and now I’m just here enjoying the education I’m getting for free,” McCallum said. “I’m not taking this for granted at all.”

Joan Beck

Beck, a 1940 cherub, died in 1998 at age 75. She worked for the Chicago Tribune for 48 years as a columnist, staff writer and section editor, and she also wrote books. She was the first woman to serve on the Tribune’s editorial board.

In addition to financial concerns, Meghan Hayfield of St. James, New York, also had to consider leaving her job as a children’s gymnastics coach for five weeks if accepted into the program. Hayfield and CJ Foronda of Glenview, Illinois, were winners of Diane Granat Yalowitz Memorial Fund Scholarships this year.

“It was so generous for … her family to set up this scholarship to give other people the opportunity that she had,” Hayfield said. “This program definitely changed my life because not only did I meet so many amazing people, but it really gave me the motivation to keep working hard at journalism and I know now that I really do want to pursue it.”

Winners of other named scholarships were:

  • Tiffany Fahlnaes of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Scarlet Li of Beijing for the Peter Alexander International Student Scholarships.
  • Ejin Jeong of Paoli, Pennsylvania, for the Mary Lou Song Cherub Alumni Scholarship.
  • Andrea Klick of Macungie, Pennsylvania, for the Norma Kinsel-Linda Foley Cherub Scholarship.
  • Sarah Fernandez of Henderson, Nevada, for a scholarship funded by an anonymous donor.