Movie magic makes cherub magic

Juliana Mayer, Annie Zavitz and Isabella Paredes (from left) walk to see “Dunkirk” in downtown Evanston. Photo by Emma Edmund

The sun blinded me as I walked out of the dark theater, still recovering from “Dunkirk.”

I had spent my last Saturday afternoon of cherubs with my friends seeing a movie, and three thoughts raced through my head as we walked back to the dorm.

One: I could really go for some Andy’s frozen custard right now.

Two: That movie was ­so good.

Three: I just watched one of the blockbuster hits of the summer with the people who made the cherubs experience a blockbuster hit for me.

I looked around at my friends who came to cherubs from all over the world — from as close as Chicago to as far as China. I hadn’t realized how well we knew each other, all thanks to our movie nights in the East Fairchild common room.

Our movie choices told us a lot about each other.

Sam Zukin of Los Gatos, California, loves horror movies. He perfectly reenacted a scene from “The Orphan” in which Esther discusses a murder with her deaf sister.

Annie Zavitz of Missoula, Montana, and Isabella Paredes of Plainfield, Illinois, were able to perform the “Hoedown Throwdown” from “Hannah Montana: The Movie” without skipping a beat.

As we waited for the movies to start, we would ask each other those get-to-know-you questions meant for first dates. I learned about my friends’ middle school embarrassments. They learned about my life as a competitive swimmer. Someone confessed to discussing horses on Omegle. I confessed my unhealthy obsession with chocolate. 

On movie nights, I was Hannah Montana. But instead of going back to my country roots, I went back to my journalism roots at cherubs. And in the magic of movie nights, friends of five weeks became my friends for life.