How napping saved my summer

Alex Reiner attempts to nap in a unique location on the third floor. Photo by Eli Karp

The four basic survival needs are food, water, shelter and clothing. At cherubs there is a fifth: napping.

The strenuous work and social life require staying up deep into the night, and the early start times for morning classes never allow for enough sleep. The only way to survive is to find the best couch, chair or bed and indulge in a dozing fantasyland.

Experiencing this temporary heaven requires finding an ideal spot. Without the correct depth of cushions and width of the couch, the nap will fall flat.

The best location, while unusual, is the blue couch in the middle of the main common room. Its depth allows the perfect amount of “sinkatude,” and the length fits my body like a glove. I’ve skipped meals to lie on this luscious surface. No regrets.

The worst location is the nearby green and brown mockery of a comfortable sofa. Rather than sink into the cushions as I lie down, my body bounces up. As I try to become comfortable, the material squeaks, as if telling me how uncomfortable it is. Avoid these couches.

Other notable sofas are in the game room, study room and screening room. They don’t even compare to the blue slice of heaven in the common room, but they are solid second choices.

Frankly, it is better to sleep during free time than during a lecture. The cherubs experience revolves around academics, and it’s truly unfortunate to miss out on any of it. But mainly, the chairs in Fisk and McCormick make it difficult to enjoy the essence of a nap.

So, future cherubs, as you encounter a truly life-changing experience, my big piece of advice is to nap and be proud of it.