Cherubs have Bean there and done that

Cherubs take pictures at The Bean after the Chicago media tour. Photo by Joan Gwak

The sky darkened and rain pelted the cherubs’ raincoats, but the miserable weather failed to dampen moods. Huddled under Chicago’s Cloud Gate sculpture — better known as The Bean — they tried to take the perfect selfie in the reflection of the stainless steel.

Following tours at four news outlets, cherubs had free time to explore the city. Some shopped on Michigan Avenue, also called the Magnificent Mile. Some visited Millennium Park, and others dashed inside for the comfort of a dry cafe.

“It was fun to explore and go wherever we wanted because usually, cherubs is so structured,” said Livi Burdette of Hopkinton, New Hampshire, who spent her free time at The Bean and the Nutella Cafe.

Cherubs’ Instagram feeds filled with pictures of The Bean paired with puns such as “I’ve never bean happier” and “Chicago’s bean treating me well.”

Francesca Gaynor of Coral Springs, Florida, had seen The Bean on a previous visit to Chicago but on this trip with her friends, she got to experiment with artistic angles in her photography.

“I took the selfie camera and put it underneath The Bean and just took a picture,” Gaynor said. “I didn’t know what I was taking, but it looked really cool.”

Isabella Paredes of Plainfield, Illinois, went to Zara for the first time and spent 30 minutes browsing in the three-story establishment, enjoying the contrast to the small stores in her local mall.

Paredes said she liked Zara because is it a “more expensive, higher quality” version of Forever 21, where she usually likes to shop.

“We went into the giant Macy’s, and it was so big that one group of friends couldn’t find us,” said Emma Sollenberger of Marietta, Georgia. “It was nine floors, and we finally met up in the basement, which we still spent 10 minutes trying to find.”

The field trip was Sollenberger’s third time visiting Chicago, and she said it made her love the city even more because she got to experience it with friends.