Cherub food favorites in Evanston

Cherubs voted for their favorite restaurants, dessert spots, cafes and breakfast places during their time at the institute. These are the results.



Joy Yee Noodle

10 min

When cherubs crave Asian cuisine, Joy Yee is probably the first restaurant that comes to mind. Not only does it serve some of the best Asian dishes in town, but cherubs also flock to Joy Yee for its bubble teas, which come in a variety of innovative flavors, such as Cantaloupe Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze.

“The service is really, really good. We walked in with 20 people… [and] made it back to class with 15 minutes to spare thanks to those Joy Yee goddesses.” – Lauryn Luescher, San Jose, California

Photo by Rachel Schonberger

Edzo’s Burger Shop

13 min

Photo by Allison Ugarte

Cherubs love to visit Edzo’s for affordable yet tasty meals. Beloved by cherubs for years, Edzo’s serves burgers and different kinds of loaded fries, like lobster fries and cheese fries. The fan-favorite shakes come in creative flavors such as Michigan cherries, salted caramel, Nutella and Mexican chocolate.

“It was pretty solid. Probably the best food I had while here in Evanston. The burgers were really amazing and the fries complemented them so well.” – Matt Chilson, Mocksville, North Carolina


LYFE Kitchen

12 min

LYFE Kitchen specializes in healthy, hearty options for cherubs who appreciate delicious yet nutritious eats. They revamp American classics, substituting typical ingredients with healthy options like kale and “unfried” chicken strips. LYFE Kitchen also offers many gluten-free and vegan options.

“It was so good. I got the fish tacos both times. They were really good.” – Kayla Guo, Long Island, New York

Photo by Anne Pritikin



Andy’s Frozen Custard

10 min

Photo by Emma Sollenberger

No matter the time or day, you can find a cherub enjoying frozen custard at Andy’s. It’s the cherubs go-to for Saturday late-night bites and one of the perks of studying at Northwestern! Many cherubs prefer Andy’s custard to ice cream because it’s richer and creamier. Alongside classic chocolate and vanilla, Andy’s also serves special flavors such as the Straw-Ana Sundae, Ozark Turtle, and the Triple Chocolate Concrete.

“I like Andy’s because it’s a good meeting place where everyone can hang out and get relatively cheap ice cream. I think it tastes better than anything where I live.” – Olivia Cohen, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Insomnia Cookies

10 min

Cherubs love heading to Insomnia before check-in or ordering in for a late-night snack. Known for offering deliveries until 3 a.m., Insomnia Cookies satisfies any sweet tooth at nearly any time of day. The menu includes chocolate chip, M&M, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter chip. Cherubs also often opt for a cookiewich, which includes a generous scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies of your choice.

“I really like the double chocolate chunk. I like that the cookies are fresh, but I can definitely see that it can be pretty irritating that they take a while to bake and get delivered. I think, overall, if you’re willing to wait, it’s worth it.”
– Annie Zavitz, Missoula, Montana

Photo by Sara Siqueira

Cold Stone Creamery

13 min

Photo by Danielle Spitz

For those who can’t stand the long line at Andy’s, Cold Stone is the alternative dessert spot. Cherubs can pick from a variety of ice cream and sorbet flavors or create their own combinations with mashable toppings.

“They seem to be priced fairly, it isn’t too expensive. I particularly enjoy their Oreos.” James Barringer, Arlington, Virginia




10 min

With a warm ambience, comfy couches and plenty of tables, cherubs come to Starbucks to work and relax. The large, spacious cafe features murals, book shelves and even a raised lounge area. Cherub instructors meet with students here to enjoy a coffee and chat about current projects.

“I always like to order a coffee frappuccino there. It really wakes me up. I’ve done some of my stories there in my free time. It’s a friendly atmosphere, there’s always space and seats and everyone’s super friendly.” – Julia de Petra, Piedmont,

Photo by Haley Fuller

Unicorn Cafe

9 min

Photo by Eunice Alpasan

Cherubs often meet their instructors at Unicorn Cafe to talk about their work or simply stop by for a break. Coffee, tea and paninis make this small, homestyle cafe a comfortable place for studying and writing. Plus, a bagel with cream cheese and a jumbo cookie will cost you less than $5.

“Unicorn Cafe is so aesthetically pleasing. If there’s one thing I regret from my whole experience at Medill Cherubs, it’s not going to the Unicorn Cafe more often.” – Ananya Panchal, Los Altos, California



Cupitol Coffee and Eatery

15 min

Cupitol is a trendy, modern brunch spot for cherubs who like to dine in style. Cupitol offers Nutella waffles, avocado wraps, eggs Benedict and other classic breakfast staples. It is also known for its artisan coffee and to-go drinks. This brunch spot is highly popular among cherubs who are looking to treat themselves to a fancy breakfast on weekend mornings after a long week.

“I would definitely recommend it if you’re a breakfast person. The waffles are nice and crunchy but soft in the middle.” – Lauren Katz, Iowa City, Iowa

Photo by Sara Siqueira


8 min

Photo by Nina Price

Clarke’s is a quintessential American diner. Its glowing neon signs draw cherubs in on weekend mornings and late nights. They serve pancakes, scrambled eggs and omelettes for a classic American breakfast that’s satisfying and affordable.

“They have very big portions but I still ordered a lot and ate a lot. The service is really quick and the waiters are very friendly, so overall, I enjoyed it. And it’s not too expensive for the quantity they give you.” – Alex Reiner, Westport, Connecticut