Cherub comfort food

A restaurant-rich town like Evanston is a blessing for cherubs spending five weeks in a new place.

Evanston is home to countless burger, Asian and dessert joints, all within walking distance of the Northwestern University campus. When 1835 Hinman’s food doesn’t hit the spot, cherubs venture to their favorite off-campus comfort-food destinations.

Carmen Molina Acosta is a food enthusiast from Bethesda, Maryland. Her favorite Evanston restaurants vary from Edzo’s Burger Shop to Joy Yee Noodle. Molina Acosta said the social aspect of visiting town with friends is just as important as the food. “Food is something my family bonds over a lot back home,” she said. At Medill Cherubs, “eating is how we bond in our free time.”

Allison Ugarte’s meal at Joy Yee Noodle. Photo by Allison Ugarte

Molina Acosta said she frequents Andy’s Frozen Custard shop after a long day with friends. When her cherub group won Cheraoke, they went there to celebrate. Molina Acosta also said she enjoys the bubble tea at Joy Yee Noodle, adding that getting “boba,” a Taiwanese tea-based drink, with a friend is also one of her favorite rituals back home.

Joan Gwak said she likes all of the restaurants in Evanston because American serving sizes are a lot bigger than those in her native Seoul, South Korea. Nonetheless, when Gwak needs a pick-me-up, her go-to food is rice. “I love eating rice, so whenever I find rice at Hinman I get really happy,” she said. “The restaurant most similar to what I get in Korea is the Joy Yee Chinese food because there are so many options with rice. I also like Chipotle, which obviously isn’t Korean, but it has the rice factor in its burrito bowls.”

At Andy’s, Caroline Kloster orders vanilla custard with cookie dough — a treat best known as “Boot Daddy” — about four times per week. She said ice cream reminds her of summers back home in Potomac, Maryland. “Ice cream is my comfort food, and I find that at Andy’s,” Kloster said. “I spend a lot of time at the beach during the summer, and I get a lot of ice cream there.”

Ilena Peng enjoys some frozen custard at Andy’s. Photo by Annie Zavitz

Edzo’s Burger Shop is another cherub hot spot. Sam Zukin is a frequent customer. “The burgers, fries and shakes are the same at Edzo’s as Main Street Burger,” he said of his favorite burger joint in his hometown of Los Gatos, California. “Also, the friendly ambience when you walk in makes it your typical burger shop with something extra.” Bryan Edwards from Parkland, Florida, is another burger fanatic. “Every time I go to Edzo’s, I know I will find a good burger,” he said. “I also love Chipotle and Panera because they are classic chains that never disappoint.”

Cherubs eat at Edzo’s Burger Shop. Photo by Jilly Rolnick

Though there are a few crowd favorites, the diversity of restaurants means all cherubs — no matter where they’re from — find food that reminds them of home.