Journalism reflections

The power of the (green) pen

How the color of a pen changed my perspective.

Persistence pays off

Fighting through frustration yields reward in the trend story.

The benefits of being bilingual

How interviewing in Spanish improved my reporting in English.

A day in the life of a cherub

Schedules are filled with workshops, reporting, writing and spending time with friends.

How napping saved my summer

Choose the right couch is key to getting some shut eye.

Professional journalists changed my mind

The program created new personal goals and dreams.

Personal insight

Journalism is a personal interest

A passion for journalism can be inspired by family, friends and classmates.

Never have I ever… until Medill cherubs

Cherubs step our of their comfort zones at MNJI.

Not exactly 9 to 5 — an interview at 2 a.m.

How I pushed myself to write the best story possible.

The time my friends thought I got lost

A student learns the importance of safety and communication.

Partners in crime

How two girls from opposite sides of the country became inseparable.

Movie magic makes cherub magic

How movie nights helped me realize the lifelong friends I made at cherubs.

Baseball and journalism: How I balanced my two passions

Testing my commitment taught me a lot about myself.

My life at cherubs as “Boot Girl”

How I survived and thrived at cherubs with a broken foot.

Late night talks

How sleeptalking brought roommates from across the world closer together.

Thank you for…

The cherubs write notes — Jimmy Fallon style.

Spending my 17th birthday at cherubs

How spending my birthday with new friends made it unforgettable.

Taking edits from your editor

How one cherub learned to take critiques the right way.

The importance of racial diversity in journalism

Students of color discuss diversity and give advice for future cherubs.

Having a sick time at cherubs

Friendship can cure a lot of ills.