Living in Evanston

Favorite small businesses in Evanston

As cherubs explored Evanston, they discovered shops and stores owned by local residents.

The definitive guide to Andy’s Frozen Custard flavors

Here is everything you need to know about the best place for custard in Evanston.

Cherub comfort food

When cherubs spend five weeks away from home, they find comfort in Evanston’s restaurants.

Cherubs’ favorite late-night bites

Cherubs order food at night from these four popular Evanston establishments.

How not to bust your food budget

Cherubs could end up spending a big chunk of change eating in downtown Evanston if they don’t watch their wallets.

Going to Chicago

Cherubs explore Chicago media scene

Cherubs had a chance to explore different types of newsrooms on field trips to Chicago.

Wait wait … tell me your story

Cherubs a attend live taping of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me and get a peek behind the scenes of one of their favorite shows.

Cherubs have Bean there and done that

During a field trip to Chicago, Cherubs explored Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue.

Small town and big city kids collide in Chicago

Medill cherubs came from tiny towns to major cities. We found out how their hometowns compare to Evanston and Chicago.