Discovering Northwestern

Students tackle first-time experiences

Students discuss their “firsts” as cherubs, from eating sushi to staying awake for 30 consecutive hours.

The Office: cherub edition

Watch the cherubs version of “The Office.”

A look into 2017 cherubs’ group Snapchat story

2017 cherubs were the first class to have a group Snapchat story. Here’s a look into cherub life through the eyes of the “Medill Cherubs!!” group story.

Join us on a campus tour

Northwestern’s Evanston campus is a beautiful place to spend the summer

The Fuller experience

We follow cherub Haley Fuller to see how the program has altered her perspective on journalism and herself.

Life at the lake

Life at the lake is central to the cherub experience. The shore and grassy Lakefill provide ample space for swimming, Frisbee, volleyball, football, sunbathing and Spikeball.

Cherubs’ favorite studying spots

We asked cherubs where they liked to work the most. Here’s what they said.

Residential life

Why cherubs eat what they eat

A look at the experiences of vegetarian and vegan cherubs as they navigate dining halls and the Evanston food scene. Filmed and edited by Saira Singh and Cassidy Wang.

Cherubs around the world

A closer look at where the 2017 cherubs are from.

Cherubs declassified: Roommate survival guide

When you first meet the stranger you will be living with for the next five weeks, you may think it will be impossible to get comfortable. But with a few simple tips, you’ll be befriending–or at least peacefully coexisting with–your roommate by the time the first week ends.

Ping pong tourney dominates cherub nights

After long days of lectures, interviews and writing, cherubs looked forward to lively nights of intense competition. The music blasted. The crowd roared. The whiz of pingpong balls and smacks of paddles filled the room.

How well do you know your roommate?

Cherub roommates play our version of the newlywed game to see how well they’ve gotten to know each other over the course of the program.

MTV Cribs: CRC edition

In the style of MTV Cribs, cherub Sabrina Martin of Bethesda, Maryland, gives us a tour of the cherub dorm, East Fairchild, also known as the Communications Residential College (CRC). Filmed and Edited by Issy Wottowa and Saira Singh.

Cherub couture

Cherubs model for the camera and talk fashion and style.

Apps every student needs

In trying times, apps are there. Here are the apps every cherub should download during their five weeks at Medill.

Family feud: Instructor groups compete in current events, karaoke and ‘mandatory fun’

Meet the 2017 Deep Dark Webbers and Sloppy Joes– coed teams of journalists competing in everything from AP style to instructor trivia.

Songs of the summer

After nightly check-in, cherubs jammed to “Breaking Free” and improvised “Pitch Perfect”-style riff-offs. Check out this playlist.

What to bring: a cherub’s guide to packing

Should I bring one dress? Two? Jeans? A jacket? Here’s a cherub-approved list of all the necessities for summer.

Dealing with dorms: single vs. double

Like entering the lottery, it’s a matter of chance. For some cherubs, winning means getting a roommate, while for others, it means living alone.

Cherubs after hours

Although cherubs must be on their floors by 11 p.m. every weekday or by midnight on weekends, they do not go to bed then. Surprised? Not so much.