The definitive guide to Andy’s Frozen Custard flavors

(Left to right) Triple Chocolate, Snowmonster, BootDaddy and custom concretes. Photo by Carmen Molina Acosta

Andy’s Frozen Custard is a must-try Evanston staple. Cherubs frequented it most days of the week, especially after evening lectures or activities such as Cheraoke.

Many cherubs had regular orders, while others tried a new flavor each visit. Though there’s no going wrong with the Andy’s menu, some pointers may be helpful for first-timers. Here is the definitive Andy’s flavor guide, according to 2017 cherubs.

BootDaddy concrete. Photo by Joan Gwak

BootDaddy: Andy’s vanilla frozen custard blended with Oreos®, caramel syrup and hot fudge.

  • Jilly Rolnick, Hillsborough, California: “I love caramel, and I’m more of a vanilla person, so all of that mixed together makes for a really nice experience. It’s my default.”
  • Saira Singh, from La Cañada, California: “It’s really flavorful and the texture is really nice. It’s like tasting your favorite song on a sunny day.”

Triple Chocolate: Chocolate frozen custard blended with chocolate-chip cookie dough and melted chocolate chip.

  • Rachel Schonberger, from Weston, Florida: “I like that it’s really sweet, but it has a little warmth because of the melted chocolate chip. It’s very comforting and really flavorful.”
  • Carlin McCarthy, cherub instructor from Madison, Connecticut, and 2017 Medill graduate: “This has been my flavor for four years. For me, it’s like coming home. It’s what I will miss most about Northwestern when I leave.”

Snowmonster: Vanilla frozen custard blended with strawberries and melted chocolate chip.

  • Kaitlyn Tom, from Hillsborough, California: “The ratio of chocolate chunks to strawberries, and the way they mix it in. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”
  • Carmen Molina, from Bethesda, Maryland: “It’s summer, so the strawberries hit that craving for something fresh after you’ve been eating in Hinman all day or all week.”

(Left to right) James Brownie Funky Jackhammer concrete and BootDaddy concrete. Photo by Kayla Guo

James Brownie Funky Jackhammer: Vanilla frozen custard blended with creamy peanut butter and brownies, then filled with hot fudge.

  • James Barringer, from Arlington, Virginia: “I get it every time. It’s a wonderful blend of flavors. It’s all around a great experience. Highly recommend.”
  • Alex Schwartz, Community Associate from Celebration, Florida: “I got the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer with melted chocolate added to it. It was so decadent.”

Chocolate or Vanilla Cone/Cup

  • Liat Weinstein, from Brooklyn, New York: “I like the straight-up chocolate because it’s very good chocolate. It’s really creamy and pretty rich, but not as rich as the brownie and peanut butter one.”
  • Sarah Fernandez, from Henderson, Nevada: “The vanilla cone is a classic taste that melts in your mouth. For every day, it’s more practical.”

Custom concretes: Vanilla frozen custard blended with the topping of your choice.

  • AJ Shaheen, from Petaluma, California: “My classic is the vanilla with brownie. I don’t want someone else choosing what I like. I know my own taste buds, I know what they desire. I can translate that into frozen custard.”
  • Livi Burdette, from Hopkinton, New Hampshire: “I get a custom concrete with Butterfinger. It’s like creating your own flavor of ice cream. You can do whatever you want with it.”