Program Overview

From the archives: a 1937 cherub’s diary

Here is an inside look at the journal of Russell Kohr, a cherub in 1937.

Dear future cherubs: Letter from one who knows

Here is a word about impact to prospective students.

Where are they now? Cherub alumni talk about their Medill summer experiences

Past journalism cherubs share how the program shaped their paths.

Program awards $76,500 in financial aid, scholarships

Medill provides financial support for students in order to help them attend the program.

2015 students head to college

Cherub alumi talk about their lives after their five weeks at Medill.


Workshops combine outside interests with journalism

Students explore their passions in workshops about food, fashion and sports.

Learning outside the classroom

Take an exclusive look at how cherubs learn outside the classroom.

What’s inside cherubs’ notebooks

Every notebook tells a story about its cherub.

Females outnumber males in sports journalism workshop

A trio of journalists give cherubs sports-reporting advice.

Cherubs get professional help on their school publications

Instructors ensure students can bring skills back home.

Long-form narrative workshop ignites conversation

Cherubs learn how to write in-depth articles.

Cherub life AP style quiz

Here is a way to become familiarized with Associated Press style.

Cherubs visit Chicago media outlets

Cherubs travel to Chicago to meet professional journalists.

Optional clubs take deeper dives on skills

On Sundays, cherubs explored writing, video and coding.

Cherubs explore future of journalism technology

Cherubs explore the tools reshaping journalism.

Cherubs tackle broadcast live shots

Cherubs describe their first on-camera broadcast experiences.

Election a backdrop for political reporting workshop

Although cherubs are too young too vote, they’re old enough to report.

A behind the scenes look at the making of the website

Here is a look into how cherubs produced a website in a matter of days.

Food workshop: Taste, write, repeat

Students take a stab at writing about food.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers bring expertise to cherubs

Journalism professionals discuss topics and specialities.

Stolley tells how he obtained film of JFK assassination

History lives when its witnesses describe it.

Reporting and Editing

Cherubs break personal records

Take a look at this year’s cherub records.

International students report on their first Fourth of July

Seven international cherubs experience their first Fourth of July.

Cherubs get published

Cherubs experience what it’s like to have a story published in local media.

Follow an article from research to revise

Follow a story as it goes from its first to final draft.

Blooper reel: cherubs attempt live shots

Watch the funniest moments of the live shot broadcast exercise.

Cherubs learn to edit like professionals

Through the “Anatomy of an Edit” class, cherubs refine their editing skills.