Journalism Reflections

It’s not easy reading green

Comprehensive edits became a sign of hope rather than dread

Cherubs tell their stories

Their broken hearts were my broken heart. Their proud moments were my proud moments.

The trial that is the trend story

Program’s capstone project puts young journalists to the test.

Building my professional brand

Lectures and instructor feedback help cherubs develop professional skills

In pursuit of the perfect parade story

Having a plan is important, but so is being ready to change it.

An introvert’s experience

Reporting is just talking to a lot of people, hoping they respond and learning to listen

Top 10 ‘cherub life’ photos

The best of cherub life photos, which were critiqued each week

The embarrassment that was my TV broadcast

Even when things don’t work out the best for you, you learn.

How cherubs taught me to think globally

Meeting teens from around the world shows the arbitrary nature of borders

Personal Insight

84 people came together from all over the world

20 states, 6 other countries represented in the 2015 class

Braving the storm as friends

We threw caution to the wind — and rain and lightning.

Don’t Jew-ish you were me?

I knew it would be a long five weeks when I was handed a microwaveable package of Salisbury steak.

Ascend, and transcend the world of cherubs

Discoveries made from the top of the world

Celebrating my favorite holiday with a new crew

Perfect strangers made this Fourth of July just perfect

My nighttime swim in Lake Michigan

At cherubs, fun is just as important as journalism.

How cherubs taught me to live like a college student

Surviving the laundry, the food, late-night chats and the top bunk

More than just a summer friendship

This is what a new, lifelong friendship looks like.

Acceptances made for some magical moments

That time when the envelope arrived in the mail

Being the lonely boy

Discovering an emotional equilibrium in my time at Medill

New to the U.S. and abandoned in Evanston

Lost in a new land, she needed a miracle. It was in her backpack.

Assigned to be roommates, choosing to be friends

Sharing interests, bridging differences create strong bonds