Journalism Reflections

Where we’ll be in 20 years

2014 cherubs predict where their career paths will lead in 20 years.

Kathryn Karnaze

A second chance to make a first impression

A cherub does a live shot of a live shot and conquers her fears.

Talking in clouds and codes

One student shares how she learned to use various tools to enhance her school newspaper’s website.

Former cherub has a message that resonates

A mistaken impression, some inspiring lectures and encouraging words turn things around.

The future is now

A former cherub shares her experience and gives a current cherub hope about the future of journalism.

How I conquered my Fourth of July fears

Fireworks and a fantastic story cap off a cherub’s Fourth of July.

Trend story hell: Our struggle was real

All lessons lead to a challenging final assignment meant for publication.

Personal Insight

Making the Facebook group

Cherubs get acquainted even before setting foot in Fisk.

SAT books taught their lessons through closed covers

Plans to study for the SAT were derailed by the opportunity to learn larger lessons.

The first part of the hair dyeing process begins for me in the dorm sink. I can't help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. Photo by Julia Song.purple

Why my hair is purple: Couldn’t you just dye?

A new hair color brought out one student’s real personality.

New friends help combat homesickness

Away from home for the first time, a cherub discovers new friends make her homesickness disappear.

Opportunity knocks

Sometimes, all it takes is a knock to open a doorway to new friendships and confidence.

From breaking stories to breaking a sweat

Training for a fall sport while at cherubs takes commitment (and an alarm clock).

On the coffee grind

Caffeine can keep cherubs running so they don’t miss a minute of fun or lessons.

Kelley Czajka prepares for her live shot with instructor Sarahmaria Gomez behind the camera. Photo by Shereen Al-Sawwaf.

When I fell on my face during my live shot

A writer tries a live shot for the first time — and lives to write about it.

No such thing as the single life

A cherub opens the door of her single room and finds welcome company waiting for her.

Medill cherubs teaser trailer

Get ready for the best five weeks of your life. Only in Evanston, Illinois. Summer 2015.

Make new lifelong friends, but keep the old

Cherubs that arrive with classmates preserve their friendships while forging new connections.

Finding adventure very close to home

A cherub examines the perks and pains of staying so close to home.

Cherubs from around the country and the world relax on the Lakefill. Photo by Ashley Roth.

Geography showcases diverse dialects

Hear how cherubs put an accent on regional speech in a podcast.