Living in Evanston

Cherub hashtags — #BestThingIAte

Great dining experiences got cherubs all a-Twitter.

Evanston events help make summer fun

Annual and weekly summer events give cherubs a chance to unwind.

Evanston restaurant roundup

For a change of scenery and a happy tummy, check out these Evanston eateries.

Budget calculator helps you plan your finances

It can be challenging to budget money for five weeks, and everyone has different needs. This will help you get started.

Please talk to me

When 84 cherubs hit the streets to interview, it helps to have some good places to try.

Economics 101

Cherubs learn to spend their money as wisely as their time.

Going to Chicago

From left, Garrett Jochnau, Dan Fishbein, Aaron Kaplan, Sam Brief, Cutler Klein and Matt McHugh perform a song. Photo by Darby Hopper.

Million dollar cherub quartet

A serendipitous field trip leads to harmony in the CRC common room.

Anne Snabes and Brandon Kim join other cherubs in lunch and a tour of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cherubs tour Chicago’s newsrooms

Six media field trips let cherubs visit newsrooms and engage with professional journalists.

Cherub summer comes to life on Instagram

Capturing the Medill cherub program of 2014 one post at a time.

Cherubs see downtown Chicago by boat

Water-level views and voices of experience mean new perspectives.