Residential Life

A day in the life of a community associate

Whether taking cherubs to the health center or orchestrating icebreakers, the CAs have your back.

Delivery food 101

Know the right way to order food when sharing a dorm with others.


The do’s and don’ts, but mostly the don’ts, about getting on Spit List.
Smart packing means at least three pairs of shoes. Photo by Medill cherubs.

Top packing issues: money and shoes

Two key areas to consider when you’re packing: your money and your shoes.

Homes away from home

Five weeks of dorm living is long enough for it to be worthwhile to make your cube look homey.

Junior, Junior MasterChef

Dorm living can mean learning about dorm cooking.

Tidbits from home

Packages bring magazines, candy, photos and love from home.

Headphones come in handy when transcribing interviews and listening to music while working.

Cherub packing list

Don’t leave home without what cherubs consider to be the essentials.

Allegra Peelor smiles as she reads the second-floor notes. She said some of them had inside jokes that made her laugh out loud.

Second-Floor Fairy spreads sweet sentiments

How one cherub’s thoughtful notes made all the girls on her floor, and a few others, feel special.

The cherub playlist

Grab your headphones and groove along with the official 2014 cherub playlist.

We air our dirty laundry

Cherubs come clean and demonstrate the finer points of washing and drying in CRC.

Sarah Bratton juggles her food options, as other cherubs do, late at night and early in the morning. Photo by Sabrina Tong.

Snacking after hours

Top 10 snacks that cherubs rely on late at night and early in the morning.

The hidden gems of East Fairchild

Cherubs discover the ins and outs of CRC and make the place their own.

Cherub life … after hours

Sleep is the least likely of activities for cherubs after hours.

Exploring Campus

Cherubs got game

With the whole Sports Pavilion and Aquatics Center rented out, it was time to geek out on sports instead of journalism.

Time to unwind

The Lakefill, a piano and the beach: cool places to get away from studying

From breaking stories to breaking a sweat

Training for a fall sport while at cherubs takes commitment (and an alarm clock).

July from a cherub’s point of view

A day-to-day look into the month of July from a cherub’s perspective.

The 360° campus tour

You drive the camera as you explore some of the places frequented by Medill cherubs.