Now and then: Legacy cherubs share their experiences

Four 2018 Medill cherubs compare their experiences with family members who also attended the program.


Alice Dwyer (1985) and Mira Dwyer (2018)

Alice Dwyer’s favorite assignment: “I was the editor-in-chief of the mock newspaper. I loved pulling it all together, working with all of the people who had become my close friends and seeing the culmination of all the story writing and the learning we had done over the course of five or six weeks we were there.”

Mira Dwyer’s favorite assignment: “I am a fan of hard news stories that are on a decently quick deadline. Funny enough, I really liked covering the [school board] meeting. I liked having to fish for the information that the public should know and picking the big things.”


Gabe Gross-Sable (2015) and Eve Gross-Sable (2018)

Gabe Gross-Sable’s favorite memory: “I vividly remember the first day with the All Day Story and just going out and coming back in and running around all day long. Just writing and writing and writing. Also the rotating rewrites.”

Eve Gross-Sable’s favorite memory: “Last night I had a really good time. I was just sitting by the lake with my friends, just relaxing. Actually today I had a really good time, too … I went to the farmers market for lunch. I laid down in the grass across the street. Then we just sat there for a while, just talked and hung out. It was very relaxing and tranquil.”


Matt Stockmal (2015) and Abby Stockmal (2018)

Matt Stockmal’s favorite memory: “I remember walking with my roommate, Shim, by the beach and talking about his life in Korea, and how crazy of a person he is. I will always remember that he wanted to keep our room at 64 degrees, all the time. I called it the ‘Shim 64.’ It was like an icebox in there.”

Abby Stockmal’s favorite memory: “Bonding with people on our floor was super fun. We had a feeling circle. We’ve done it a few nights now. The first time, it was just really spontaneous. It completely started as a joke, and I was like, ‘OK, everyone talk about your first heartbreak and how it changed your life.’ People actually answered the question and went on for ten minutes about their first heartbreak.”


Emily Chaiet (2015) and Jessie Chaiet (2018)

Emily Chaiet’s favorite instructor: Cynthia Wang wrote for People and I thought that was really cool because I love celebrity news. I remember one day I just talked to her about all her experiences. She said she interviewed people from ‘The Bachelor.’ I also loved my instructor, Paulina Firozi, who works at The Washington Post now. She was so helpful to me the entire time and she helped me with my writing so much.”

Jessie Chaiet’s favorite instructor: “I have Carlin as my instructor and I really like her because she works at BuzzFeed. That’s one of my dream jobs. Just hearing her first-person perspective about that is so interesting to me. She has given me a lot of great feedback on my stories.”