Cherubs compete to produce creative videos in dorm


Throughout the Medill cherub program, students used their creative skills for a friendly competition in the dorms. Each floor wrote, shot and directed music videos in an attempt to best the videos of other floors.

The videos started when Andrew Rowan crafted a short documentary detailing the Jews vs. Gentiles basketball game. Cherubs said Rowan’s video inspired them to produce content of their own. Thus, the video competition began.

Floors 1 and 2 created multiple short music videos to start the informal competition. The videos, made using the Triller app, featured cherubs dancing along to popular songs. Dorm videos grew progressively more complex. Using recording equipment, Adobe Premier and After Effects software, Floor 3 created a lip dub video of the iCarly theme song, entitled ‘iFloor3’.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey native Andrew Rowan, the videographer and producer of ‘iFloor3’, said he used the skills he learned at cherubs to help him produce the video.

“In Sound Off, we got some tips for how to record clean audio, so that was beneficial,” he said. “We also used all the cherub equipment and editing software.”

Many cherubs praised Floor 3’s efforts when Rowan released the video in the ‘Medill Cherubs 2018’ group chat.

“Everybody sees the video link and for the four minutes after the video drops everybody’s watching it and then discussing it, laughing at it or critiquing it,” Rowan said. “It really brings everyone together. It really harnesses the community of cherubs.”

Following Floor 3’s success, Floor 2 attempted to make an even better project. They decided to produce a music video of the popular song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Unlike Floor 3’s one-shot lip dub, Floor 2’s video, entitled ‘Call Me Floor 2’, featured a variety of shots and perspectives. Berwyn, Pennsylvania native Avery Maslowsky directed, edited and produced the piece.

“We wanted it to be clean and we wanted it to be pretty,” Maslowsky said. “I think that’s what we executed.”

A girl in blue and white, with arms open wide, is filmed by another girl for a music video.

Avery Maslowsky films Kacee Haslett for a second-floor music video to Call Me Maybe. Photo by Brooke Deasy

‘Call Me Floor 2’ was also well received by the cherub community. Indianapolis native Kacee Haslett, who assisted with production of ‘Call Me Floor 2’, said she thinks the videos are a good way of building community and bringing the floors closer together.

“It’s a good way for us to bond,” Haslett said. “It allows not only the floors to come together, but it’s something that all of us have to joke about. It’s something fun for us to do outside of journalism.”