5 apps every cherub needs to survive the summer

A cellphone is held up in front of three washing machines. The phone screen has the LaundryView app open, which shows two dryers in use and the other machines free.

The LaundryView app allows cherubs to track when washing machines and dryers are available.

GroupMe lets all 84 cherubs easily send group and private messages, conduct polls and share photos with everyone. Sounds overwhelming? Use the mute button. The app can be a blessing when you need to find someone who can provide sources for your bizarre trend story or a curse when you wake up to 80 notifications after someone drops a lip-sync video at midnight.

Will Kubzansky, Washington, D.C.: “It’s been super useful. Eric Neugeboren and I basically ran a pingpong tournament off of GroupMe. It’s like Slack but with memes.” 3.8/5 stars

LaundryView connects to the washing machines and dryers and sends an alert when your clothes are ready. It also shows which machines are available and how long it will take for the other cycles to complete. A finished but occupied washing machine is one of the biggest pet peeves of cherubs. GroupMe often dings multiple times a day with messages like “two of the dryers are done so come get your stuff” or “whoever had clothes in the first washer, it’s now in the second dryer.” The 84:3 cherub to machine ratio means that washing clothes is serious business.

Andrew Rowan, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.: “As a cherub, I have a lot going on. The LaundryView app lets me know if there’s an available machine before I take the time to lug my laundry down the stairs. It’s saved me so many trips.” 4/5 stars

Never be late for a lecture with Alarmy. Saving a few megabytes of phone storage is not worth the consequences of tardiness—trust me! This alarm clock-like app can wake up even the heaviest of sleepers (and their roommates), but it can also help put the user to sleep. “Sleep Music” includes light rain, heavy rain, forest river and “coffee shop.” The user can register an area of his or her dorm (like the bathroom sink) and the only way to make the alarm stop ringing is to get out of bed and take a photo of the registered area. You can also choose for the app to require the answer to a difficult math question for the alarm to stop.

Jason Beeferman, Long Island, New York: “Alarmy is the best app one could possibly have if they plan to live on this Earth and adhere to the deadlines of society. Alarmy forces you to do advanced multi-digit multiplication after you just wake up from an unfulfilling sleep.” 6/5 stars

The Northwestern University app is the school’s guide to everything. It lets you search the library for potential sources, stay up to date with the news and learn about campus events. The map lets you get directions to any building from your current location. Finding Allison Dining Hall may be a daunting task on the first few days of cherubs, but you can navigate campus like a pro with this app.

Ryann Perlstein, Los Angeles, California: “It’s useful if you want directions or if you’re just wondering how long it will take you to get somewhere. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing, but I think it’s functional.” 3/5 stars

The food-delivery app Postmates can help cherubs who stay up late to work on a story and feel midnight cravings kick in. Most community associates can be bribed into going down to pick up your delivery if you offer them a bite of whatever you ordered. Popular spots include Blaze Pizza, Halal Guys and Midnight Mac and Cheeserie.

Sameer Shaikh, Bethesda, Maryland: “Postmates is a godsend. They came here in like 20 minutes. It was so good I called them to leave a compliment and say their service was outstanding.” 4.8/5 stars