What journalism means to cherubs in nine languages

The Medill cherub program attracts international and multilingual students from all over the world to learn and improve their journalism skills. Here is what these cherubs have to say about what journalism means to them in their own words.

Listen by clicking on the text beneath each photo:

Victoria Radke speaking German


Journalism means always being where the action is.

Sayali Amin speaking Marathi


I think journalism lets me feel other people’s stories and tell the truth in those stories.

Adrian Wan speaking Mandarin


I think journalism means exploring the world and telling things beneath the glorious surface.

Ellie Lieberman speaking French


Journalism is finding the truth.

Paisley Meegan speaking Hebrew


I like journalism because I like to write in the newspaper and read the newspaper.

Esther Song speaking Korean


Journalism is shedding light on the truth that I want people to know about.

Avni Prasad speaking Hindi


Journalism means meeting new people and understanding different people’s lives.

Gabi de Carvalho speaking Spanish


Journalism is a way for me to communicate between cultures.

Gina Kim speaking Japanese


Journalism is the most objective way to express your subjective thoughts to the public.