Surviving five weeks of firsts


A list of many of the firsts experienced at Medill cherubs. Photo by Brian Meller.

The Medill cherub program was a chance to make new friends, to learn new tools and to try new things. For many cherubs, this journalism program marked their firsts: the first time they had a roommate, the first time they swam in Lake Michigan, the first time they danced in the rain or the first time they ate Easy Mac.

Listen to cherubs explain their firsts:

Sophie Rodney: First time I was attacked by a bird

Remy Farkas: First time I went on a train

Lorraine Jiang: First time I called an online rent-a-date service

Conor Gaffney: First time I did laundry

Taylor Plett: First time I pulled an all-nighter

Adrian Wan: First time I traveled to the U.S. alone

Kelsey Henry: First time I used a credit card