Election a backdrop for political reporting workshop

Cherubs discuss politics and the media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election in the above podcast by Emma Mitnick.

For Jackie Sussman, a passion for politics means playing devil’s advocate and proving people wrong. With the political reporting workshop, she was able to explore this passion through journalism.

Political reporting was one of 16 workshops offered to students. During the program, cherubs selected four workshops depending on their interests. The workshops focused on specific subjects and varied from “Writing about Food” to “Anatomy of an Edit.”

DNC Viewing

Students at the Medill cherub program watch the final night of the Republican National Convention. Photo by Ella Brockway.

The political reporting workshop, led by instructor Haley Hinkle, focused on the logistics of political reporting and the day-to-day life of a political correspondent.

The workshop was particularly fitting this year because of the presidential election. Hinkle said the unusual election has forced cherubs to pay attention to politics and question proper methods for reporting. She added that this is likely why so many people were interested in the workshop.

For Fritz Schemel, the workshop was appealing because of his pre-existing interest in politics.

“I’ve been following all the news regarding the election,” Schemel said. “I thought it’d be interesting to get an inside glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes with all of the media attention surrounding the election and politics in general.”

Schemel said the workshop allowed cherubs to determine whether political journalism is the right field for them. He added that the workshop allowed him to expand his interest in politics.

“I knew I was interested in politics in general, but [the workshop] brought me more to the side of journalism in politics,” Schemel said. “It made me see that you get to do cool things as a political journalist.”

Although the workshop mainly focused on political reporting, Emma Li said it also allowed cherubs to gain more insight into important journalism skills in general.

“Even if I don’t go into journalism, the workshop taught me about the importance of asking senior reporters and advisers for help,”  Li said.