Cherubs rank favorite restaurants within walking distance

According to a survey of 63 cherubs, these restaurants were voted the top places to eat within walking distance of the East Fairchild dorm.


1. Joy Yee (18)

2. Edzo’s Burger Shop (4)

Alex Gaul: “I really like Edzo’s because it gives a really home-town feel, and I love supporting local businesses. And Edzo’s has really quality food, especially the fries. The burgers are fine, they’re always good, but the fries are what make it. And the amount of choice you have at Edzo’s is better than what you would get somewhere else.”

2. Flat Top Grill (4)

Nora Crumley: “I like Flat Top because there’s so many options, and you make your own stir-fry so I like the choice with getting to choose what you want to eat. I also just think it’s a really cool environment, it’s a good place to hang out with friends, talk and get some good food.  I especially like the vegetables, the fresh vegetables and the healthy food served there because at Hinman you don’t really get a lot of that. It’s nice to have a good stir-fry with a lot of vegetables.”

3. Freshii (3)

3. Koco Table (3)

3. Andy’s Frozen Custard (3)

3. Blaze Pizza (3)