Cherub alumnus and Tribune critic inspires cherubs

Howard Reich speaks to cherubs. Photo by Nina Cong.

Howard Reich speaks to cherubs. Photo by Nina Cong.

Young professionals can pursue a career that incorporates the arts and journalism, Howard Reich told cherubs at the Chicago Tribune. The Emmy award-winning art critic discussed how he decided to pursue both music and journalism when taking his job at the Tribune.

Reich, a 1971 cherub, graduated from the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University and has written for the arts section of the Tribune since 1978. He has written many investigative pieces such as the 2015 series (with follow-ups in 2016), Norman Malone’s Quest, and the special report “Prisoner of Her Past” which later became a PBS documentary.

Sophie Rodney said she was inspired by Reich’s ability to pursue his passions and found his talk moving.

“My whole life up until now I’ve been worried about choosing what career path I want to take,” Rodney said. “I love journalism so much, but I also have a lot of other passions. Howard explained that it’s really important to study what you love and that really inspired me to not just pick one passion of mine but to pick multiple and learn how to incorporate journalism into that.”

Reich said attending cherubs was an eye-opening experience that showed him he was on the right track to pursue his ideal profession.

“One of the best things about Northwestern University is their cherub program,” Reich said. “I’ve never forgotten what that summer of being a cherub meant to me. It was a revelatory, eye-opening experience and a landmark in my development as a student and journalist.”

After Reich finished his talk, cherubs raised their hands to have their questions answered. Reich said he was impressed by the level of detail in the questions, some of which he had never been asked before.

“The questions expressed a keen interest and value in journalism and a desire by the questioners to really know what it is like for me and what is ahead for them,” Reich said.

Reich said speaking to the cherubs was important to him because he loved having the ability to inspire cherubs with stories about his work and experiences.

“If I had to say what I drew from that afternoon, it was incredible inspiration and positive feelings about what the next generation of journalists is going to do,” Reich said. “The questions the students asked me indicated how great the next wave of journalism will be.”